5 factors that determine the authenticity of an online casino

5 factors that determine the authenticity of an online casino

There are tons of casinos in business as it may leave you in confusion to choose the perfect online casino that suits your gaming requirements. Selecting an appropriate online casino to explore online casino games is indeed a difficult task. One may expect bonuses and promotion offers while others may seek premium slots. The process is made simple by focusing more on five important aspects that discover the true authenticity of an online casino.

5 factors that determine the authenticity of an online casino

Online casino availability in your country

There is a chance that certain casinos are banned in some countries. The method to find this can be done by reading the casino website’s terms and conditions page. This clearly lists all of the casino’s banned countries and territories. Employ the find function in your PC to quickly find the list of banned countries.

Casinos can also restrict certain states or territories within the nation. Suppose, offshore casinos might accept all Americans except players from Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington because of the stringent gambling regulation.

Some countries are a grey area while considering online gambling and the US is the most advantageous grey area in the world. The reason behind this operation is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act(UIGEA) which prohibits American Banks and financial institutions from handling online gambling-related transactions. Carefully choose the casinos based on legislation as the UK, the US provides top licensed casinos in terms of options, freedom, and player protections.

Game selection and number of gaming providers

The presence of numerous casino games makes the internet casino compelling and this makes a game selection one of the prime elements of selecting a casino. Many casinos promote themselves on the basis of how many slots they have but you have to explore further if you have to play table games, like Scratch cards and Video Poker.

At the same time, it is pretty wise to find a casino that has multiple gaming providers because each casino software providers will have their unique aspect. Check for the casinos that at least provide three different software providers. But now the sites are plentiful with nearly a dozen providers.

Bonus and promotions

Several internet casinos provide plenty of opportunities to earn money that include welcome bonuses and other promotions. The welcome bonus is a reward that casinos offer when you deposit your funds initially. Players always want to maximize the amount of free money but consider the fact that most casinos enforce time limits on earning the bonus money.

Cashing out the bonus funds immediately right after the depositing is not allowed in casinos as many players want to do the same. The casinos put forths certain wagering requirements that are to be compulsorily met by the players. 

Simultaneously, look for the promotions a casino offers which provides the alternative option other than bonus offers. Casinos offer will exciting promotions every single day of the week or month that can be in the form of deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback, and many more.

Customer support and reputation

The other important factors are customer support and reputation to be considered while choosing an online casino. The reputable casinos generally provide good customer service operations and this can be validated by contacting them personally via email or using live chat to pose questions related to the betting requirements.

The more negative feedback you see about the customer service indicates how bad f the casino is. But do not decide by coming across only a few negative comments as no casino is perfect. The instant reply offered by the customer support representatives clearly shows the reputation and stand of any casino.

Banking options

Research beforehand about the banking options offered by a casino especially, when you are in grey area countries like the US as they have only minimum banking options. You can always make use of decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. These are peer-to-peer currencies that are not governed by a central bank or government. The essential work involves finding out withdrawal wait times and cash out limits.


This is a long and tiring process that requires a decent time period to understand all the necessary elements wisely. But the possibility of finding a better casino comes at ease. Remember to check whether your territory is accepted by a specific casino you have chosen and do check on the other factors steadily.


Name: 5 factors that determine the authenticity of an online casino
Author: Laura Stotler
Published Date: 17/10/2019