Best Casino Bonuses

Pennsylvania is a haven for online gamblers. You can find everything from slot games to virtual table games in online casinos. Though live casinos are not widely accessible as of now, soon they’ll be the talk of the town. As more online casinos will incorporate live casinos into their websites to offer more, better options to players, more new bonuses will be offered. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, read our guide here to choose the best casino bonus codes.

Understand the types of bonuses

While looking through numerous online casino bonus codes in Pennsylvania, you’ll come across many types of bonuses. It’s important that you be able to understand them before comparing them to find the best one.

  • No deposit bonus – When you get a no-deposit bonus, it basically means you’re getting free money in your account just to sign up. Even if you can’t withdraw that amount, it’ll definitely improve your gaming experience.
  • Deposit bonus – If you get a deposit bonus code, the casino will add a percentage of your deposit money to your casino account. This percentage can range anywhere from 10% to 300% or even more.
  • Free spins – In some online casinos, you may simply be offered free spins. These free spins are often game-specific, meaning you can only use them on specified slot games.
  • Cashback bonus – If you face continuous bad luck and lose a lot of money back to back, the casino may reimburse you to help cut your losses. The cashback is usually a small percentage of the total amount you’ve lost.

Comparing casino bonuses

Though casinos may appear generous in the types and sizes of bonuses they offer, they often append a host of terms and conditions to cut their own losses. Every online casino player in Pennsylvania should, thus, learn how to compare and choose the best online casino bonus codes. Here are the steps.

  • Bonus percentages

You’ll find deposit bonuses from online casinos ranging between 10% and 300% or more. However, low bonus percentages barely offer you any advantage after meeting the wagering requirements and high percentages come with strict terms and conditions. Thus, you should choose a bonus that offers a healthy percentage like 100-200%. Such bonuses balance the high percentage and the wagering requirements well.

  • Maximum bonus amounts

Casino bonus codes are depicted like a “200% bonus up to $50”. What this means is that whatever amount you deposit to your account, the online casino will double it only up to a limit of $50. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t get carried away by the huge bonus percentage number and consider the maximum bonus amount limit before topping up your casino account. This way, you’ll always exactly what you’re going to get.

  • Max bet size

You may have taken for granted that online casinos are always beneficial to the players, in one way or another. However, did you know that some professional players deny the bonus on rare occasions? They do this mostly because of the limit on the maximum bet size.

Many players can feel handicapped if there’s a limit on the maximum bet they can bet for. Therefore, you should always look for a casino that offers you more breathing room in the size of bets you can place.

  • Wagering requirements

Almost all casino bonus codes have wagering requirements attached to them. Online casinos use them to make sure you don’t simply withdraw the bonus amount and leave. Thus, wagering requirements force you to place a minimum number of bets or wager a minimum amount of money before you can withdraw your winnings.

However, some online casinos can set ridiculously high wagering requirements to ensure that the players lose more than they make. Therefore, as a player, it’s your responsibility to carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up.

After you’ve performed the above steps, you’ll have weeded out the online casino bonus codes that are fraudulent or are simply not good. Whatever casino bonus codes you’re left with will surely increase your bankroll and make for some fun online casino games. Good luck there!

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