How is online casino tables different from live casino tables?

How is online casino tables different from live casino tables?

The term online casino refers to any type of internet casino game. But the main element to look for is the difference between online casino tables. The tables can be either a regular online casino table or live dealer casino table. Understanding the dissimilarities between these two tables markedly helps in enjoying the best gambling experience.

How is online casino tables different from live casino tables?

Regular online casino table

This table doesn’t involve real dealers to host the game and is built completely through software. Chips and cards are displayed momentarily when you place wagers and choose the deal button. The incorporation of sharp graphics elevates the table games to provide a more realistic gambling experience. Remember that the graphics can be enhanced steadily but is not suffice for recreating the experience of land-based casinos.

Live dealer casino table

Live dealer casinos were introduced as a part of offering more authentic casino experience. The game is streamed directly from a land-based casino to your gaming device with the privilege of socializing with a real dealer and fellow players. The dealing of the cards with the live dealers can be seen in real-time which guarantees genuineness and authenticity. Features like chatbox can be used to communicate with dealers and other players. The prominent part of the live dealer table is that it can bring the real casino experience at your fingertips.

Live dealer tables offer interaction

The crucial aspect of live dealer tables is that it allows you to communicate with real dealers. The tables are embedded with chatbox feature, that offers you to send messages to dealers in case of any queries. This makes the atmosphere so lively and fun-filled which is impossible in regular casino tables. The other interesting element is that you can interact with other players during the game time similar to a land-based casino.

Regular online casino tables don’t seek tips

Several dealers in brick-and-mortar casinos expect tips from players and live dealer tables also demand tips at times due to the presence of live dealers. You have a choice of selecting the ‘tip’ option to enter the amount that can be given to the dealer. But the regular online casino tables necessitate no tips as the software is dealing with the game. Additionally, an online casino doesn’t need to pay the software a salary.

Game control: Regular online casino tables VS live casino tables

Live dealer tables works the same as that of regular online casinos in the aspects of game options and gaming devices. But the game is controlled by a live dealer which indicates you can only orient with the speed of dealers and table. Set in opposition, regular casinos allow you to control the game entirely and you are the decider in maintaining the pace of the game. It also provides the privilege of pause the gambling action in between.

Elegant casino atmosphere in live dealer tables

Some live dealer casino tables involve two dealers to host in a more entertaining and fun-filled manner. For instance, you may witness a male and female dealer building lengthy conversations during the game. Sometimes the involvement of two players may be felt unnecessary but their presence ensures the table is entertained and help you involve in the games deeper.

Live dealer tables enforce constraints in betting time

Live dealer casinos are more or less the replica of land-based casinos which offers unbound excitement and forces you to make moves very quickly to favor the house. Many of the live dealer tables determine the time limits for you to place wagers and make decisions. The presence of just 15-20 seconds can pressurize you at times in making wise decisions. Multi-tasking is nearly impossible in live dealer casinos.

More game options in regular online casino tables

Live dealer casinos generally offer only the most famous classic casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. Some live dealer casinos may offer games like Carribean stud and PaiGow Poker but the majority provide only the classics. In contrast, you have a wider variety of games available in regular online casinos like Baccarat, Blackjack, Carribean Hold’em, Carribean Stud, Craps, Let ‘Em Ride, Pai Gow Poker, Pirate 21, Pontoon, Red Dog, Spanish 21, Super 7, War, Zoom Roulette. The main reason for a huge variety of games in regular online casinos is that they don’t have to pay the dealers.


Live dealer tables can be more intriguing due to the presence of live dealers but be aware that both tables have certain bluffs and favors. Live dealer tables can highly entertain players who always seek authentic casino experience and in regular online casino tables, you can control the game. Switch between these two tables to withhold interest.


Name: How is online casino tables different from live casino tables?
Author: Laura Stotler
Published Date: 17/10/2019